fredag 15. juni 2012


Oooh, I dear hubby sent me this photo of the book I got in the mail today! Can't wait to get home and start looking through it! I finally managed to hook up my phone with g+... So I can share photos more easily.

This is the book I mentioned in the earlier post. Still reading it, and loving it!

And here we have our newest member of the family - Tezla! With my half-nutty hubby in the background... 

Amee managed to be alone for barely a couple of months before Tezla came along. And Amee is damned if she'll ever befriend that white newcomer! So we have a small war in our livingroom at least a few times a day. But we are hopeful that Amee sooner or later will finally accept Tezla.

 In the middle of this we have Tix, our two year old Chihuahua. As long as the ferrets don't get too close, she doesn't care about them. But her experience with Amee tells her to be on her guard...

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