onsdag 13. juni 2012


Allriiiight! Finally I've had my last exam and I'm free from school and homework for the next two months. Well, almost. I got one of the books I ordered on Amazon in my mailbox yesterday, and I've been reading some of it. I bought it with next stemester in mind, when I'm going to Copenhagen to study "Myths and Fairytales". Can hardly wait!

Anywho, the book I got is "A complete guide to faeries and magical beings" by Cassandra Eason. And the book we were told to get before starting, is named "The uses of enchantment". Am I going to Hogwarts, or what?! :D I'm still waiting for that last book and a couple more books I ordered. So I guess I'll be reading this summer... 

But I can't forget my crochet or my dear sewingmachine either. Yesterday I found my crochetneedles and made a Hello Kitty for a collegue who mentioned for me a couple of days ago she needed a keyring for her work-key. Something Hello Kitty. So I made her one. 

Right now I have no photos (again), so I have to put them in when I come home. But what I CAN say, is that it looks like it's going to be a good summer. :)

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