fredag 25. november 2011


Ok, I've decided to start writing in English. To practice my English and to let English speaking readers understand me.

Time pases too fast for me these days. I've mostly been studying, working, sleeping and eating a little the past few weeks. In little more than a week, I have a big exam, and the last exam for the semester is just one week after that! Eeep!

Anywho. I've been working a little with some gifts for Christmas. I got an idea for the craft over at Decorating old spoons and filling with epoxy resin, you get beautiful little treasures. Tiny spoons can be used as charms or necklaces, medium teaspoons the same a well as zipper-pulls or decorations for bags and the big spoons can be hund as Christmas-decorations. They are easy to make and lots of fun.

My messy table :)

Oh, and I'm going to Beijing! In the end of February 5 other students and I are goin there for 8 weeks to have our practical period there! Being in a Chinese kindergarden to learn and maybe teach a little. And we have to teach a class at the Beijing University about how we do things in kindergardens here at home in Norway. A little scary, but looking forward to it! The only downside with the trip is that Hais will be all alone for two months, with the only company of the two ferrets and the dog. Ok, not as bad as that, he'll have lots of friends over and have some time for himself. but we're gonna miss each other alot! But still - it's a chance I'll never get again!

Have a great day, everyone!