tirsdag 5. juni 2012

Holy moley

I had all but forgotten about my dear little blog! My goodness... One reason is that blogspot didn't work in China. Or Facebook. Anywho, a quick recap since my last entry:
- China was a great experience. The 6 weeks just flew past. We learned a bunch of things, about China, about Beijing, about traditions and culture, about differences and likelinesses, and about ourselves. I'm so glad I got to go with the 5 girls I did on that trip!
- Being a tourist in Beijing was also something to really write home about. We saw tons of ancient buildings, shopped til we dropped at the giant malls or the Silkmarket, ate delicious chinese food and just had a good time.
- Back home school continued, spring eventually showed its pale face and we started with trips outdoors, learning about plants, the woods, canoeing and lots more. Then the strike hit us, luckily with only one trip left  cancelled.
- Today I had my nature/science written exam! I won't get an A on that one, but I'm sure I won't fail either.
- Now I have one exam left this semester. Hopefully the strike ends before the weekend so we can have our spoken exam in physical science and be done with it. I don't want them to postpone it for later in the summer!
- And in August I'm leaving for a 6 new weeks, Copenhagen this time, and the course "Myths and Fairytales". Love the title of the course, and of the main book: "The uses of Enchantments". An international course with the first 6 weeks there, and the next 6 weeks here in Oslo. We'll be making puppets, little films, our own stories and much more. Yay!

So yes, things are happening and have happened. And I really need to keep my head and remember this blog more often. Have sooo many plans and ideas for both the near and the distant future, I need to start keeping track. I've haven't touched my sewingmachine since January, and the crochet-needles havent seen daylight in close to a year. I miss making things! But school and work take all my time, as well as spending time with my dear hubby, our dog and our ferret. Yes, Bulder had to be put down in April, the old thing. But Amee seems to be thriving as the only ferret in the household, teasing the dog and doing her stuff.

I know the last post have been stripped of photos. But I will search around for a few when time is more on my side. Wish I could put out photos directly from my iPad! Hm, maybe try to figure that out.

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